Drednot.io Play
3 veto, 3.7/5


Drednot.io unblocked game is updated almost every week regularly. And with these updates, most of thing is changed in the game. If you want to reach more detailed information and help about the game, you can use the help menu inside the game. Quick Start is also useful more any help and solution.

How to Control the Dirednot.io Game?

* You should use the WASD to move and climbing features in the game.
* Space bar is needed to jump movements and exiting a ladder.
* In order to interact, you should click left button on mouse.
* Click to right on mouse to use an item in the game.
* Q key is used to drop an item in game.
* Mouse scrool is also used to do zoom in game.
* C key is need to do fast zoom transaction.
* You should use the Enter key to do chat in the game
* And you should push the Tab button to show the scoreboard of game.

Game Features

* Drednot.io game has a team-based multiplayer ship battle feature.
* In game, each player have to help each other and should do different things to develop their ships.
* There are turrets in the game to be loaded with the ammunitions.
* There is also a crafting system in game.


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